Installing sprinklers to upgrade the current sprinkler system is an inexpensive method of enhancing the space in your landscape which is irrigated without having to install the whole new system. An addition of new sprinkler head to your current system is simpler than you imagine and makes a great DIY task. In order to make the project much easier, the following are some of the guidelines or steps on how to enhance your sprinkler system:

1. Select New Sprinkler Head Locations

Select locations for your new sprinkler head locations and put small ground markers or flags to easily locate them later.

2. Turn the Water Sprinkler System Off

Turn the main water valve off of your residential property. The primary water shutoff valve, most of the time, can be found at or near your home’s water meter.

3. Dig Spot for Combining Sprinkler System

Select a comfortable and convenient spot for you to tie the current sprinkler system water pipe when installing your new sprinkler heads. When you consider a junction point, choose a spot which allows the shortest possible runs of water pipe to connect the new sprinkler heads. After that, use a spade to dig deep into the ground below the pipes.

Make sure that you clear out a big enough space so that you will be able to comfortably work with the pipes. This will actually mean that you need to dig one foot or below the pipe so can saw it with the use of a hacksaw.

4. Cut and Prepare the Sprinkler Water Supply Pipe

Get a hacksaw and cut a portion out of the current sprinkler water supply pipe. Then, make the portion approximately similar size with the T-fitting connector you’ll be installing on the water pipe. After the cutting of the pipe, get a towel or an old rag and wipe the end portions of the pipe and do some sandpaper to smoothen the rough edges which were caused by the hacksaw.

5. Connect the T-Fitting Connector to the Old Pipe

Clean the edges of the T-fitting connector that you’ll be using with the PVC primer. Allow PVC primer to dry. Use a PVC adhesive to connect the new T-fitting to the 2 pieces of pipes that you have cut earlier. Make sure that you apply PVC adhesive and primer to the portions of pipe already on the ground.

6. Dig Trenches to Place Pipe to New Spots

You may now start digging trenches to the spots for the new sprinkler heads. Make the trenches in similar depth with the ones that are used to bury the current PVC sprinkler pipe. Start placing the PVC pipe for your new sprinkler heads to the trenches. Connect the pipes with coupler fittings and make sure to use an adhesive and primer when doing the connections.

7. Install Your New Sprinkler Head Risers

Once you reached the spot where you want to create a new sprinkler riser, connect the coupler fittings and the pipe which runs up vertically out from the ground. If you want to know more information, contact a professional sprinkler installer or Sprinkler leak repair service provider.